You Asked, And We Delivered

Howdy! Recently, we have been flooded with comments and suggestions from so many different players on the server, and we’re here to announce that we have delivered your requests.

To begin, Voting is now implemented throughout the server. While in-game, simply type /vote to get started, or visit our Voting page by clicking here. For each website that you vote on, you will receive 1 Diamond and $500. Note that you can do this an unlimited amount of times, however you may only vote once every 24 hours on each website.

Next, our Item Shop and Bank have been fully rebuilt from the ground up. Our Item Shop now features almost every item that you can find in the game, and features 6 full floors of items! To access the Item Shop, type /warp shop while in-game. To access the Bank, simply type /warp bank.

Additionally, several new plugins have been installed to enhance the playing experience on the server. For instance, it is now easier to raid other bases while playing in our 3 different survival worlds. Additionally, plugins to prevent cheating and “combat logging” have also been installed, since these were highly requested features. Now, when you are engaged in combat with another player, should they disconnect from the server, they will instantly die and you will receive all of their items. While in combat, you will not have access to /f home, /home, /spawn, or /warp, among others.

Stay tuned for more updates to come!

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