1.) No hacking or use of mods such as X-Ray.

2.) Abusive behavior and actions are not tolerated.

3.) Griefing and PVP is allowed at all times.

4.) Do NOT build 1×1 towers or buildings.

5.) Do NOT complain if a player griefs your base/items as griefing is allowed.

6.) Do NOT attempt to impersonate a staff member.

7.) Do NOT build near spawn. This WILL result in a ban.

8.) Do NOT insult or harass staff members.

9.) Do NOT attempt to take down the server.

10.) Spamming is NOT allowed.

11.) Abuse of glitches or bugs will NOT be tolerated.

12.) Staff Members have final say at all times.

13.) All lag-inducing devices MUST be AFK-proof.

14.) You must abide by the low-lag build policy as detailed on our website and at the Lag Help Museum, which can be accessed in-game with the command /warp laghelp .

15.) You can only buy Mob Spawners for the following mobs only: Chicken, Cows, Parrots, Pigs, Sheep, and Squid. Due to repeated complaints, the price for 1 Mob Spawner is now $500,000. Remember, we are a mostly factions/survival server, and want to preserve that experience as much as possible.


Proper Hopper Usage: