Recent Server-wide Changes

Hi all, Oscar here. This past week, from January 21st to January 27th, we implemented many new and exciting changes on the server, many of which enhance the playing experience. To start, we began the process of switching the entire server (all files and players) over to a new host, which will ensure a lag-free… Read more »

You Asked, And We Delivered

Howdy! Recently, we have been flooded with comments and suggestions from so many different players on the server, and we’re here to announce that we have delivered your requests. To begin, Voting is now implemented throughout the server. While in-game, simply type /vote to get started, or visit our Voting page by clicking here. For… Read more »

The Beginning of GryphonCraft

Hello there and welcome to GryphonCraft! We are a server focused primarily on the Factions and Survival aspect of Minecraft. Currently, the server has a custom Economy, enhanced Factions, 13 different Jobs, and an Item Shop with almost every item imaginable. Our staff is constantly working on improving the server both online and offline, so… Read more »